Managed Off Site Data Backups

Say Goodbye To Costly Tape Backups

Tired of the labor and time to maintain your backups internally? Do you wonder whether your organization will be able to recover in the event of a disaster? Is your disaster recovery solution lacking or non-existent? We can help, our proven offsite data and application backup solution encrypts data at your site and automatically backs up offsite daily to our secure data center.

Your data is securely stored in an encrypted state and recovery is as simple as a phone call. Optionally, your organization can archive recovery points point-in-time and we support VMware quick recovery or hotsite recovery. Your organization will instantly have plan to get back up and running quickly. Best of all, our team of engineers manage the day-to-day maintenance of your backups, so you only pay one low monthly fee; we make the entire solution affordable to organizations of all sizes.

Realize Cost Savings and ROI

By moving your backups offsite to DirectNetworks’ solution, you will begin realizing cost savings right away from fewer support calls, no equipment to purchase, no tapes to mess with and no maintenance charges. By implementing this automated process, your staff will not have to waste time or put your organization at risk by moving tapes offsite.