About Us

Since 1999 DirectNetworks, Inc. has been providing IT support in Wisconsin to small and medium-sized business who rely on their tech to operate their organization. That’s more than 14 years of services, solutions and support - and in the IT industry that’s a lifetime!

In fact, between us, our qualified team of consultants, project managers, installers and engineers have over seventy-five years of experience in providing infrastructure, data and voice solutions. Not only that but we’re probably one of the hardest working companies in Madison, WI: our service team is at your beck and call 24x7x365 - and we don’t charge extortionate rates for that support either.

But just because we’re techy it doesn’t mean you can write us off as geeks! Oh no, we’re a lot more multi-faceted than that. For example, did you know we have our very own racing team? We do - and guess what? They’re almost as fast as our response time.
In fact call us speed freaks but we even have scoreboards posted around our office to ensure that the time it takes us to respond to service tickets never drops below our guaranteed level.

So how do we do it? How do we provide excellent, low cost support so quickly - especially in the middle of the night? Did we mention we love coffee and Red Bull? That probably has something to do with it. Other things we love: supporting our favorite charities by saving aluminum cans and donating the proceeds. Oh and we love good beer too - in fact we love it so much we installed our VoIP System in the Wisconsin Brewing Company just so we could visit more often.

Do we sound like the ideal IT support and services partner for you? How can our knowledge make your tech investment more dynamic?

Protect yourself. Contact us.