SIP Minutes

Reduce your costs with our SIP Services

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is an efficient communication tool that enables your employees to communicate between different devices on your company’s network. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on your LAN, WAN, or Internet, at DirectNetworks we can help you increase productivity whilst lowering your costs with SIP.

A SIP trunk provides a new way of connecting to a service provider for incoming and outgoing calls. Put simply, SIP is a connection over the Internet as opposed to a traditional telephone connection such as ISDN. This means you get to take full advantage of applications such as video conferencing, presence, and instant messaging. These are truly unified communications.

SIP Minutes and Solutions from DirectNetworks are

  • Cost efficient – SIP saves money on a month by month basis by reducing line, per minute, local and long distance charges
  • Bundled savings ready – SIP can combine with other VOIP services and solutions for greater discounts and leverage of internet bandwidth
  • Disaster recovery capable – SIP can be multi location or re-routed in minutes to provide disaster recovery and flexibility
  • Powerful – Unlike regular telecom services, SIP has no limits or commitments on the number of calls
  • Flexible – SIP includes features like DID, 800#, Portability and will work with most phone systems
  • Predictable – Budget better with a choice of unlimited flat fee monthly services and features
  • Supported – Experienced, friendly teams support your SIP connections round the clock
  • Unified – SIP helps with collaboration and communication by unifying voice, fax, text and video services on a single line

Could your business benefit from an advanced way of communicating with clients?
SIP Minutes from DirectNetworks are the answer.