Web Filtering

Ever wonder how much time your network users are spending on Facebook, Buzzfeed, ESPN, YouTube or eBay?

Are you concerned about security concerns around visiting certain websites? Do you have critical web-based applications that need top speed and guaranteed bandwidth? DirectNetworks’ Network Controller monitors, controls, and secures internet usage to safeguard your network and increase user productivity. Network Controller includes all equipment, software, subscriptions and fees in a low, OPEX payment. Network Controller oversees your business’ network, bandwidth user and application traffic to get the most out of your network’s web access.

Increase user productivity, block access to inappropriate websites, and allocate bandwidth for critical application with DirectNetworks’ Network Controller.

Web Filtering Benefits:

  • Oversee internet usage: track how users are doing and how they spend their time with detailed reports
  • More efficiency: prioritize bandwidth for key applications to never slow you down
  • Enhanced security: protect against malware and botnets with deep internet packet inspection
  • Set permissions: block access to certain domains, URL patterns, or content categories, as well as downloads based on file type and certain internet-based applications
  • Key reporting: generated reports on user activity, history, most visited sites, malware activity, top users, history reports and more to help manage employees and business.

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