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Benefit from Microsoft Azure with DirectNetworks

With Microsoft Azure, the possibilities and customizations available are limitless. Let DirectNetworks optimize, manage and monitor your Azure platforms including VM ware, databases, mobile services, business application workloads, media services and more.

Cost Efficiency

Azure operates with a flexible subscription and/ or pay per usage model, where you only pay for your actual usage. This means you are not tied to a full-packed subscription only to use a sampling of the Azure offering. Your business only pays for what it needs and pays for what is used.

Robust Active Directory

Azure can integrate with your Active Directory to supplement your identity and access capabilities. This gives you centralized management and strong security.

Superior Security

Security concerns can be a major factor preventing businesses from migrating to the cloud. Azure was designed with security in mind, beginning with the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), which ensures security at every development phase. Azure is the only public cloud solution that offers continuous security-health monitoring, all towards protecting your digital assets and your intellectual property.

Enhanced Mobility

Mobility is a must, especially for multi-global enterprises. The ability to access applications on the go enables a stronger orgazational advantage for businesses, as team members can get more done from every device.

Scale On-Demand

One of the great benefits of cloud computing is the ability to respond to business changes by scaling resources up or down. Scaling on demand will help your organization grow and meet its customer needs; resulting in significant cost savings and minimizing the need for investment in new infrastructure to meet demand.

Peace of Mind

Azure comes with a disaster recovery plan for IT systems out of the box, which means it is a more resilient solution for your business in comparison to the expense and trouble of maintaining a backup infrastructure. You simply have your environment in multiple locations in case of any disaster or downtime.

Whether you're a startup or a scaling enterprise, Microsoft Azure can definitely help kickstart or scale your business. By employing a cloud-based model for your business, you lessen your financial and operational burdens, allowing you to successfully meet your needs and demands.

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