Mobile Device Management

What is BYOD? It’s Bring Your Own Device to work day, every day.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is making significant headway in the workplace with about 90% of employees already using their own devices. Whether it’s to email, text messages or contacts or calendars, business information is inevitably being hosted on employee’s devices. And with all those employee devices connecting to your network, you need a good mobile device management partner to protect your network and data from potential threats and data theft.

BYOD gives employees the ability to work offsite through remote access to company data for an increasingly mobile workforce. On the other hand, those mobile devices are portable and therefore, easily lost or stolen. That doesn’t mean your data has to go with them. DirectNetworks offers mobile device management with application maintenance; network, device, and hardware information storage; bulk and multi-platform enrollment for new devices; mobile device reports; restriction management; and remote lock/wipe of any lost or stolen device.

Inevitably, employees’ personal devices are being used in the workplace, opening the door to network and data security risks. However, DirectNetworks’ Mobile Device Management allows you to embrace this trend with BYOD oversight, creating happier employees without compromising either your network or their productivity.

Key Benefits of Mobile Device Management:

  • Happy employees: Users work on their favorite devices
  • Quick and easy to use: setup in no time
  • Advanced protection: remote, on-demand device locking/wiping to protect confidential copnay and client data
  • Increased mobility and collaboration: allows you to take your work where you need it to go
  • Peak device efficiency: We monitor memory storage, shortened battery life, and filled application space so you never get blindsided
  • Low-cost investment: no capital outlay, no infrastructure to manage

Let DirectNetworks secure your devices and give you piece of mind.