Hosted VoIP

Enterprise-level telecom without enterprise-level prices

Hosted VoIP is a service that transports voice calls and messages over the Internet, rather than over a traditional telephone network. With either cloud-based or premise-based VoIP systems, telecom industry experts call this growing technology “the next generation of converged communications.”

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With VoIP, there is no limit to connectivity. Your organization can connect employees in-house, across the street, or globally using the Internet and your devices. Furthermore, mobile cell phone apps extend transmission ability to wherever you have service. All of this is done with the same quality of service offered by traditional telephone networks.

Hosted VoIP Systems - Madison, Milwaukee
Hosted VoIP Systems - Madison, Milwaukee
Hosted VoIP Systems - Madison, Milwaukee

Small and medium-sized businesses see a dramatic reduction in startup costs and capital outlays when switching to hosted VoIP. There are no additional fees for extra lines, and as an added bonus, hosted VoIP users enjoy freedom from local service providers and from the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of older phone systems.

Opting for Hosted VoIP takes the guesswork out of buying or upgrading a phone system. There are no large upfront investments or periodic upgrade costs and features are easy to add. In addition, DirectNetworks’ Hosted VoIP can also include an option for disaster recovery.

Are you thinking about the choice between traditional hard phones and internet-based soft phones? DirectNetworks can determine which is the best option for your business. Unfamiliar with soft phones? Some features include:

  • SIP integration allows you to link your office extension to your cell phone
  • Handset or headset: choose the hardware that works for your users
  • Hard phones: a wide variety of traditional desktop phones can be used through your soft phone infrastructure
  • Flexibility: there’s no need to call an electrician every time you want to move a phone line

VoIP telecommunications let you forget about monitoring or maintaining servers or software - and you can also say goodbye to the expenditure associated with servicing traditional in-house phone systems.

Hosted VoIP solutions from DirectNetworks are:

  • An investment - VoIP is a simple and cost effective way of providing your business with flexible, pay-as-you-go efficient voice communications
  • User-friendly - say goodbye to the frustrations of dealing with equipment, software and ongoing support costs. We manage call processing, and call center and voicemail backend servers
  • Customizable - we host and manage your VoIP but you still enjoy the freedom to customize your unique user preferences from a web portal.
  • Mobile - because VoIP is hosted in the cloud you can work and collaborate from anywhere. You’re only ever an extension away!
  • Secure - VoIP is hosted in our secure data center so you get continuity and disaster recovery. Lost your connection? It will be automatically rerouted to a pre-configured number such as a cell phone.
Hosted VoIP Systems - Madison, Milwaukee

Features of Hosted VoIP solutions from DirectNetworks include:

  • Find Me, Follow Me, Meet Me
  • Multi-phone ringing
  • Voicemail to email integration
  • Mobility reach
  • Call centers
  • Conference calling
  • Video calling

Find out more about how VoIP can give your business the edge.