Hosted Call Center

Stay connected to your customers

How successful your business is depends a lot on the experience you provide your customers. These days people expect far more from their service providers than ever before so you need to give them service and support that is outstanding. With Hosted Call Center solutions from DirectNetworks you’ll be able to deliver a superior customer experience using advanced cloud-based technology - all whilst lowering your costs.

Hosted Call Center Services - Madison, Milwaukee

How do our customers save money with a hosted call center? There are no upfront costs and a hosted call center is a fraction of the cost it would take to set up a call center from scratch. Hosted call centers also provide small and medium-sized businesses with features and tools formerly only available to enterprise-level businesses. These include expert technicians to maintain call center queues and configurations and reports for better manager supervision. Displays and key performance indicators help agents and supervisors better track performance. DirectNetworks' hosted call center includes real-time agent status, queue details and performance graphing for better overall performance.

Your customers want a fast response and they want the right information, whether they have a simple query or need urgent support. Can your current telephone system and staff deliver? Our VoIP and Unified Communication Solutions let you respond to staff and customer needs better than ever before.

Hosted Call Center solutions from DirectNetworks are:

  • Integrated - when your communications are integrated your employees can connect to your customers far more effectively to deliver a better service
  • Supported - our award-winning expert support means that you’ll never be alone. Got a question? Just ask us
  • Connected - now even your remotest branch can stay connected with the rest of your staff and your customers. Video users, wireless users and all users can collaborate to stay up-to-date.
  • Customized - choose to install your VOIP call center system on premise or select a hosted solution, secured in a data center.
  • Protected - when you choose VoIP you choose a phone system that is automatically set up for disaster recovery
  • Compatible - we're able to add SIP minutes capability to almost any existing phone system
  • Real-time wallboard - provides call statistics, agent status, average waiting time, and more

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