Cyber Security Assessments

The Importance of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a way to ensure the protection of digital resources within an organization. It wraps around the processes, policies, accounts, network and other technologies to monitor, control, and destroy any malicious attacks. Hiring a fulltime IT cybersecurity expert is advantageous to any company but for many companies, the salary requirements are too high.

Partner with Direct Networks for your cybersecurity needs

The team at Direct Networks can help your organization build processes and protocols to avoid data breaches, cyberattacks, vulnerabilities and other forms of digital theft. Cybersecurity is commonly overlooked in SMBs, leaving companies vulnerable to a variety of cyberattacks, data losses, and employee errors.


Technology is the backbone of business operations and the exchange of information with business partners such as suppliers, contractors, clients, and partners is drastically increasing. While there are many great benefits the internet delivers to the business sector, cyber hackers continuously evolve their approach and create new ways to penetrate businesses and steal digital assets.

From hardware configuration to software setup to system monitoring, we provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that your business needs to ensure network security and proper protection to keep your business systems up and running.


With our years of experience, you can leverage our hands-on knowledge assisting businesses across a variety of verticals on cybersecurity best practices. Tap into our security expertise to ensure your business is safe.

Navigate your way to achieving regulatory compliances such as PCI and NIST compliance to avoid fines, data breaches, and penalties. Improve your business security posture to meet these compliance requirements with our comprehensive guidelines and methodologies.

Risk Assessment
We'll perform a combined effort of identifying and analyzing potential events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, or the environment. Our cybersecurity team will also execute a strategy to mitigate any potential losses in the event of a cyberattack while continuing business operations.

Business Continuity
Our continuity plan deals with creating systems of prevention and recovery while addressing ongoing potential threats. The goal is to enable continuous operations before and during the execution of disaster recovery event.


At Direct Networks, we help businesses understand and adjust TO the ever-changing shifts in security technology. Our Cybersecurity Experts have a well-rounded and strong technological background with cyberattacks.

Data Protection
Performing incremental backups to both cloud and local storage is still the best data protection any business can have. Locally stored data allows your business to get back up and running in no time.

The technology we use allows our technicians to detect possible threats and patterns in real-time and use this data to adjust security levels if and where necessary.

IT staff
Your internal staff can unintentionally open gateways and access points for cybercriminals to capitalize on. We offer user awareness training to inform and educate your staff on common methods, loopholes, and best practices to keep your team on their toes.

Direct Networks helps organizations prepare for and protect against cyber threats with the comprehensive cybersecurity support and consulting services. Our professionals can help your organization identify and remove vulnerabilities to keep your network and data secure!

It's time to increase your cybersecurity.