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Deliver innovation to your enterprise application management by migrating to Microsoft Office 365. This software suite offers tremendous value for your business or organization. Office 365 is Microsoft's integrated platform for accessing and managing traditional business applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint, and features comprehensive collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.

  • Office 365 centralizes the entire Microsoft suite of business applications and programs. Users can establish a single account for all staff members, which can be used to universally access Microsoft programs with a single sign-in. Microsoft can customize Office 365 to almost any size or type of enterprise.
  • The cloud-based infrastructure of Office 365 delivers offline accessibility to essential business applications. Microsoft is constantly updating and improving the Office 365 platform, releasing the latest security patches and bug fixes.
  • When getting started with Office 365, each user will need to have an individual Microsoft account. Microsoft supports migrating existing Microsoft Outlook accounts as well as private domain-based email addresses to Office 365.

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Considerations for migrating to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 migrations are impacted by initial data sources, type and density of data, and on-premises network performance. When deciding to migrate an entire organization to Office 365, a global administrator should keep the following important decisions and considerations in mind.

First, there are several different migration methods: IMAP, cutover migration, staged migration and third-party migration. The migration path will depend on your existing source system and migration requirements:

  • Number of accounts and mailboxes.
  • Size of mailboxes.
  • Exchange server version.
  • Required migration speed.
  • Office 365 throttling.

Each migration method is best suited for a particular business scenario. For instance, the cutover method, or express method, supports the migration of multiple email addresses, but Microsoft recommends using these options only for 150 or fewer mailboxes due to performance issues related to the time and complexity to set up more users. When migrating more than 150 users, the staged migration approach is recommended because a limited number of users can be better managed at a time.

Our team has years of applied experience navigating the complexities of Office 365 migrations- partner with us for a well planned and executed migration.

Seek additional support for Office 365 migration

Direct-Networks logoMicrosoft encourages enterprises that require additional support to set up, onboard and deploy Office 365 to seek out trusted Microsoft partners that have deep knowledge of the Office 365 ecosystem. Exchange migration advisors can assist with each step of the process to ensure that critical account data and contacts are transferred to the Office 365 platform.

DirectNetworks can deliver professional guidance and expertise to assist with an Office 365 migration.

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