DirectNetworks Culture

DirectNetworks provides a work environment that is efficient, comfortable and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Our culture extends beyond the complimentary coffee bar, stocked fridge or snacks in the break room. From events like Taco Tuesday, Badger Games or a weekly trivia contest, to after work team-building activities such as happy hour, mini golfing or laser tag, we work hard to provide an enjoyable work environment.

To keep everyone in sync, we have an all-employee lunch meeting each Monday. During this meeting, departments update on customers, projects and services tickets. Each employee is encouraged to voice any suggestions or ideas during this meeting, to keep everyone on the same page.


Work-life balance

We believe in a good work-life balance and recognize family is important. Perks include flexible schedules to help align professional and personal life schedules. For personal growth we offer complimentary access to a life coach, to help guide life aspirations and career goals.


Fun Time

While we work hard to help our customers, we also can keep it light. Often, during sport seasons, we will host a lunchtime tailgate to support the local teams we love. Many employees dress to support their favorite team and while we are biased to Wisconsin teams, some wear the colors of the home team. However, we all get along most of the time and everyone grabs a tailgate lunch that may include brats, pizza or burgers. During March Madness or the football season employees might pick the bracket winners or coach a fantasy team to a bragging rights victory. Another group may be found at our golf outing, enjoying the weather and competing for prizes.


Team Building

We believe strong teams perform at higher levels. On a quarterly basis, we set aside time to meet as a group and discuss our deparment results, intiatives and futures. During these alignment sessions we work with experts to strategize on how to improve and work better together. We may divide up for ice breakers and team building challenges like an egg drop, surviving in space or human puzzles. We finish the day with a town hall discussion and an eye towards future successes.


Personal Perks

We recognize each employee at personal and professional milestones. A cake on their birthday, an award on employment anniversaries, as well as acknowledgement and reimbursement for obtaining certifications. We also encourage our team to recognize peers for a job well done. The Chip Nomination Program enables employees to recognize and say “Great Job” to another peer for going above and beyond in their daily work. The recognized employees can turn in chips quarterly for valuable reward drawings. We always encourage a healthy lifestyle and through a partnership with the local YMCA, we promote a fit body, healthy mind and spirit. Our partnerships with IT vendors provide discounts and employee purchase programs on the latest technologies, hardware and software.


Super Perks

Flexible Schedules

We offer flexible scheduling and telecommuting options to accommodate the fast pace of everyone’s life. Employees may select their work start and end times and utilize work at home options, to accommodate scheduling needs. Flex time is a popular alternative scheduling option which allows employees to run a quick daytime errand or take an early weekend and make up the time during lunch or after hours.


Insurance and Retirement

For a small organization, we offer excellent health and dental insurance plans. Employees can also participate in a matching retirement account and financial experts are available to guide investing or retirement planning.


Career Growth

We encourage continued education and self-directed career growth. Employees can design a growth program for their position essentially creating their own career path. Vendors provide certifications and training employees can grow with.


Community Involvement

Our People embrace social responsibility. We recycle cans for cats and dogs and donate the funds to local animal charities. To help keep trash out of landfills, we carefully recycle electronics and trash. Whenever possible, we donate time, support local charities and volunteer in the community.