DirectNetworks Culture

DirectNetworks’ culture extends beyond the soda-stocked fridge and pub mix in the break room. Our HR is constantly surprising our team with small events at the office, including epic Easter egg hunts and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. We also have monthly events after work: cookouts, cocktail hours, mini-golfing, baseball games, etc. etc. Employees meet weekly at the company-sponsored bowling league.

From a more professional-oriented basis, every Monday our office meets as a team over lunch to update the company on the projects and progress in our departments. The scoreboards placed strategically around the help desk and engineering departments allow our engineers to see how many outstanding tickets each individual has, enabling a little friendly competition. (A beer reward when tickets went below 10 did not go amiss!) Every quarter, we gather as a team for alignment meetings to discuss in open forum the situation of the company over the last quarter and its goals for the next.

We asked our employees what words they would use to describe our company's culture. This is what they came up with: