Web Filters do More than Block Facebook

August 22nd, 2012
Web Filters do More than Block Facebook
Many companies are afraid to implement web filters because they don’t want to be viewed as an organization that lacks trust in their employees and puts them under constant surveillance. While it’s true that web filters can monitor and block social networking sites like Facebook, more importantly they can be used to manage network and data usage, monitor internet traffic, and protect you from malware and other malicious drive-by code.
Here are a few reasons why web filters shouldn't be over looked. Monitoring sites and the amount of bandwidth being used can help determine network and user restrictions, preventing surprise data charges and a painfully slow internet connection. Web filters can also be used to protect you in instances of liability. If disaster were to ever strike, your web filter would have created and archived detailed accounts for every user and every site they’ve ever visited, giving you the business protection and peace of mind you deserve. Finally, web filters add an extra layer of protection from malware and botnets that might try to infiltrate your systems and network. Layering is the best approach when it comes to security and while firewall, anti-virus and email security programs are very important, without web filtering, there will be a vulnerable gap in your network defense. In truth, web filters do much more than block social networking sites and are essential for network protection and efficiency.
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