Goodbye expensive on-site servers. Hello WebTop.

May 9th, 2016

Are you tired of dealing with the headaches and high costs of on-site servers? Finally, a private cloud desktop that provides IT cost savings, staff mobility, and a unified workspace in the cloud. Contact us today to experience WebTop, the cloud desktop solution relied upon by over 1 million users daily.

Why should you WebTop?

  • Mobility - Bring your own devices and work on-the-go whether from the office, the conference room, or really anywhere there’s an internet connection. It’s the perfect solution for today’s mobile, device-happy workforce.
  • Security - Do you have concerns about data security? We don’t. That’s because we built, manage, and maintain our own cloud infrastructure within Tier III-IV data centers within the U.S. All data is encrypted before even leaving your premises.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery - Don’t let a local or natural disaster, hardware failure or security breach compromise your business continuity. WebTop future-proofs your network by storing data in fully-redundant data centers located on independent East and West coast power grids.
  • Productivity - WebTop users are more productive because they have access to their data anytime, anywhere, on any internet-ready device. So if a laptop crashes, they can pick up where they left off on another machine or device; no problem.
  • Savings - flexible, pay-as-you-grow plans allow you to scale up or down to meet your business’ current workforce. Cloud infrastructure also eliminates costly server refreshes and maintenance and comes with inclusive, automatically updated Microsoft Suite.
  • Third-party applications - WebTop supports the same third-party applications supported by Microsoft terminal servers. Therefore, your accounting, sales, and other proprietary software sits right alongside Microsoft Office and Outlook.

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