Make “Going Green” Easy With Cloud Computing

January 12th, 2016
Make “Going Green” Easy With Cloud Computing

Going green and reducing the corporate carbon footprint have been fairly recent trends among companies, but more often than not, profit is the deciding factor in business decisions. Usually moving to green or more eco-friendly procedures means an increase in cost for a company. However, with cloud computing, it’s likely your transition will keep more money in your pocket while also helping the planet. In a study by Accenture, Microsoft, and WSP Environment and Energy, they estimated that that a 100-person company with applications deployed in the cloud can reduce energy consumption and emissions by more than 90 percent.


Less Equipment
Less equipment is needed to run workloads, which reduces data center space and the e-waste footprint. With less physical equipment plugged in, a data center will consume less electricity. Shared data centers can also employ fewer machines to get an equivalent capacity, so fewer machines equals fewer dollars spent.
Efficient Equipment
Larger data centers often have the resources to allow them to upgrade to energy-saving equipment and building systems. This is usually not possible in smaller organizations where this efficiency is not the focus. More efficient equipment will lead to lower costs.
The pay-as-you-go nature of cloud-based infrastructure encourages users to only consume what they need and nothing more. It allows firms to choose only the specific applications they need at any given time, instead of having to pay for an entire suite of software on their premises.
Fewer IT Staff Costs
With the cloud, upgrade and maintenance responsibilities will be shouldered by the cloud provider.
Use of Thin-Clients
A thin-client computer using a simple web browser and/or remote desktop virtualization software can use up to about half the energy of a standard desktop loaded with its own dedicated applications. The applications can instead be accessed on demand from a remote server from any location via the cloud.
Less Physical Documents and Data
Instead of staff being forced to use inefficient and time-consuming filing cabinets filled with hard copies, and copying and printing out endless pieces of paper for themselves and others, firms can make those documents available electronically by storing them securely in the cloud.

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, with staff working on desktops, laptops, and smartphones all day. Implementing the cloud offers enterprises a way to not only benefit the planet, but the company itself. From energy savings to lowered costs, cloud computing is a win-win solution.

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