Hosted VoIP Saves You Money, Time and Frustration

August 1st, 2013
Hosted VoIP Saves You Money, Time and Frustration
Big corporations have had the advantage and ability to outsource their IT systems for quite some time, but small and mid-sized businesses, until recently, had more difficulty accessing the same competitive advantage. Security concerns and high capital expenditures (traditionally required to access these services) were among the major obstacles for these types of organizations to jump onto the managed services bandwagon.

Luckily, times have changed and technology has advanced, making managed service solutions more accessible to companies of all sizes. Today, the managed service industry offers a broad range of solutions, including: IT support, web filtering, off-site data backup, and hosted voice over IP telephone systems (VoIP)— just to name a few.

At DirectNetworks, we have designed our Hosted VoIP solution in a way that is convenient for every size business, especially SMBs. Here’s how:  

    Hosted VOIP

  • No capital needed. Forget about implementing projects, software and repairing phone lines! You only have to pay a flat monthly fee.
  • Flexibility. Having low and high-level users is not a problem. You will be able to customize your phone service, depending on what you need – a basic pay-per-minute plan or unlimited calls.
  • Cloud computing benefits. Your VoIP system
    will be located in 
    the cloud, allowing you to
    access calls from any location.

DirectNetworks’ Hosted VoIP solution allows you to focus on the issues that are critical to your business, while we take care of it all – back-end equipment, maintenance, upgrades and support. Enjoy the time, money and simplicity benefits of having an efficient voice communication system.
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